Susana Girón (Huéscar, Granada), 1975

She first received a master’s degree in Physical Education. Years later she also graduated in Photography and Visual Arts at the University Miguel Hernandez in Elche. She is currently represented by LE INSTITUTE Artist management. She has frequent collaborations as a photography teacher and photographer in differents institutions like Fundación Telefónica, La Ampliadora, Cadiz University (UCA), Hays, Spanish Embassy in París, and Angola…

Her projects weave stories that usually speak of the everyday. The memory, the time, the identity of the places photographed, emotions, memories, cultural roots, and the fragility of this intimate universe of experiences articulate her personal and distinctive visual narrative. Her works are generally based on the creation of photographic topics that confront the subject outside the spotlight of today. Its iconography invites reflection, upon a second reading usually something unexpected encourages to continue discovering. Her personal technique favors the dialogue of emotions that help us to recognize ourselves in places and situations which, a priori, do not belong to us.

A regular contributor to international media. Her work has been published in:

  • New York Times, GEO France, Der Spiegel, El País, CNN, Stern, Days Japan, El Mundo, La Nación, Terramater magazine, Polka, Geographical magazine, XL Semanal, Iberia magazine, Mujer Hoy, Le Figaro madame, Helsingui Sanomat,…

Published books:

AWARDS·      Winner POYI Latam 2021

·      Third Prize at POY Latam 2021

.      Nomination GABO awards 2021, collective project COVID PHOTO DIARIES.

.      First Prize Atlanta Photojournalism Award 2020.

.      Winner Second prize at International Photography grant. USA. 2019.

·      Winner SIPA award (Siena International Photography awards). Italy. 2019.

.      Winner of the “IMAGENERA” Best Documentary work 2019 by Andalusian Center Studies.

.      Winner of Albarracín Grant 2019. Fundación Santa María de Albarracín

·     Shortlisted London Business School award 2019.

·     Two Honorable Mention at Atlanta Photojournalism award 2017

·     Winner “Felix Ordoñez photojournalism award” 2016 and 2017

·    Winner VEGAP PROPUESTAS gran 2016

·    Winner Felix de Azara International Award. 2016

·    Shortlisted Alfred Fried PhotoAward 2015

·    Shortlisted ANI PIX PALACE 2014

.    Shortlisted Kolga Tbilisi Award 2018/14

·   Two Honorable Mentions IPA awards´14

·   Bronze medal China International Press Photo Award 2013. CHIPP

·   National Photojournalism award Doñana 2013

·   Shortlisted Photoespaña Ojo de pez 2013

·   Shortlisted Sony World Photography award 2012.

·   Winner Fototraballo Int grant 2011

·   Winner Fernando Quiñones Award 2007



  • “90 varas” Neomudejar Museum. Madrid (Spain)
  • “90 varas”. PATATA International Festival. Granada (Spain)
  • “90 varas”. London Business School (UK)


  • “Unlimited youth”. Zoom Photofestival Sangenay. Quebec (Canada)
  • “Unlimited youth”. Festival Internacional de Imagen. Universidad Hidalgo. Mexico.


  • “People I never saw”. Círculo de Bellas Artes. Madrid (Spain)
  • “90 varas”. FINI. Festival Internacional de Imagen. Universidad Hidalgo. Mexico.
  • Colective exhibition at Royal Geographical Society. 2016.


  • “The Cathedral of Don Quixote”. Encontros da Imagem Festival. Braga (Portugal)
  • “The last king of America”. Argentina Biennale on Documentary Photography. Tucuman
  • “The last king of America”. Kolga Tbilisi Festival. Georgia.
  • “The last King of America”. Red Bull Hangar. Salzburgo. Austria.


  • “Faith, Passion, destiny”. Museo del Pueblo Gallego. Santiago de Compostela. Spain


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  • “Peter St from 4 to 6”. Backlight Festival. Tampere. Finland.
  • “Legados”. Council of Lugo. Lugo. Spain.


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  • “Legados”. Navarra Government. Pamplona. Spain
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